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Table 3 Chemical inhibitors used in this study

From: Caveolin-1 is involved in encephalomyocarditis virus replication in BHK-21 cells

Chemical inhibitor Effect Concentration
NH4Cl Inhibits pH-dependent activation of the fusion protein 10 mM/20 mM
Bafilomycin A1 Vacuolar-type ATPase inhibitor 10 nM/20 nM
Chlorpromazine Inhibits clathrin-dependent endocytosis 5 μM/10 μM
Pitstop-2 Cell-permeable clathrin inhibitor 5 μM/10 μM
Nystatin Disrupts caveolae 12.5 μg/25 μg
MβCD Extracts cholesterol from lipid membranes 2.5 mM/5 mM
Dynasore Inhibits GTPase activity 20 μM/40 μM
Mitmab Blocks the lipid binding 5 μM/10 μM
Cytochalasin D Disrupts actin polymerization 5 μM/10 μM
Jasplakinolide Stabilizes actin microfilaments 5 μM/10 μM
EIPA NA+/H+ exchanger inhibitor 10 μM/20 μM
IPA-3 the Pak-1 inhibitor 7.5 μM/15 μM
Wortmannin the PI3K inhibitor 5 μM/10 μM