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Table 2 Micro-neutralization activity of the mAb 3C12

From: Hemagglutinin stalk-based monoclonal antibody elicits broadly reactivity against group 1 influenza A virus

Group Subtype Virus name IC50 (μg/ml)
Group 1 H1 rPR8-A/duck/Alberta/35/76 52.1
H2 rPR8-A/gull/Maryland/19/1977 34.7
H5 rPR8-A/turkey/Wisconsin/1/1968 52.1
H6 rPR8-A/turkey/Massachusetts/3740/1965 ND
H8 rPR8-A/turkey/Ontario/6118/1968 52.1
H9 rPR8-A/chicken/Anhui/BRI99/2016 17.4
rPR8-A/chicken/Guangdong/1/2010 34.7
rPR8-A/chicken/Shandong/32/2015 34.7
H11 rPR8-A/duck/England/1/1956 ND
H12 rPR8-A/duck/Alberta/60/1976 17.4
H13 rPR8-A/gull/Maryland/704/1977 34.7
H16 rPR8-A/black-headed gull/Sweden/5/1999 34.7
Group 2 H3 rPR8-A/duck/Ukraine/1/1963 ND
H4 rPR8-A/duck/Czechoslovakia/1956 ND
H7 rPR8-A/turkey/Oregon/1971 ND
H10 rPR8-A/chicken/Germany/N/1949 ND
H14 rPR8-A/mallard/Astrakhan/263/1982 ND
H15 rPR8-A/shearwater/West Australia/2576/79 ND
  1. ND not detection