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Table 5 Amino acid sequence analysis of NA gene of AIV strains

From: The molecular evolutionary characteristics of new isolated H9N2 AIV from East China and the function of vimentin on virus replication in MDCK cells

Site SequenceDeletion in the stalkPotential N-glycosylation sitesHemadsorbing sites
62 ~ 64616986146200234402367 ~ 372400 ~ 403431 ~ 433
  1. Note:LY1: A/chicken/Shandong/LY1/2017; Y280:A/Duck/Hong Kong/Y280/97; BJ1: A/Chicken/Beijing/1/94; F98: A/Chicken/Shanghai/F/98; JS7: A/chicken/Jiangsu/7/2002; JSC1: A/swine/Jiangsu/C1/2008; HBC1: A/chicken/Hubei/C1/2007. “+”: With the same amino acid sequence; “-”: Without the same amino acid sequence