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Fig. 2

From: Identification of nuclear localization signal and nuclear export signal of VP1 from the chicken anemia virus and effects on VP2 shuttling in cells

Fig. 2

Alignment and prediction of NLS and NES motifs of VP1 present in different isolates of CAV. The various VP1 amino acid sequences (1 to 449) from different CAV isolates were aligned and their identities analyzed, as described in Methods. Putative NLS motifs were identified as spanning amino acids 3 to 19 (NLS1) and 24 to 47 (NLS2). Three putative NES motifs were found to be present, spanning amino acid residues 76 to 84 (NES1), 109 to 119 (NES2) and 375 to 387 (NES3). The functional NLS (Real NLS: amino acids 3 to 10) is shown and indicated in bold, italic and underlined

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