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Correction to: Development of molecular confirmation tools for swift and easy rabies diagnostics

  • Kore Schlottau1,
  • Conrad M. Freuling2,
  • Thomas Müller2,
  • Martin Beer1 and
  • Bernd Hoffmann1Email author
Virology Journal201714:225

Received: 3 November 2017

Accepted: 8 November 2017

Published: 14 November 2017

The original article was published in Virology Journal 2017 14:184


After publication of the article [1], it has been brought to our attention that an incorrect genetic sequence has been cited. On page 4, paragraph 1 the following sequence is cited “ATG GAT GCC GAC AAG ATT GTM TTY AAA GTY AAT A 3”. This is an error and the correct sequence should be “GGG GGC TTT YCC TAG GGT KAT ACW GGG CTT T 3”.



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Authors’ Affiliations

Institute of Diagnostic Virology, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Greifswald-Insel Riems, Germany
Institute of Molecular Virology and Cell Biology, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Greifswald-Insel Riems, Germany


  1. Schlottau K, Freuling C, Müller T, Beer M, Hoffmann B. Development of molecular confirmation tools for swift and easy rabies diagnostics. Virol J. 2017;14(1):184. doi:10.1186/s12985-017-0853-y.View ArticlePubMedPubMed CentralGoogle Scholar


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