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Fig. 4

From: Viral metagenomics of aphids present in bean and maize plots on mixed-use farms in Kenya reveals the presence of three dicistroviruses including a novel Big Sioux River virus-like dicistrovirus

Fig. 4

Pairwise comparison of Big Sioux River virus (BSRV)-like sequences to ALPV and RhPV sequences. The BSRV-like sequences shared up to 99% sequence similarity among each other. Similarly, the other species in the analysis showed close intra-species similarity. Interspecies comparisons revealed a clear demarcation between the different species. The sequences were aligned using MUSCLE and the arrangement of the samples in the matrix is based on phylogenetic clustering of neighbour-joining tree constructed from the multiple sequence alignment. RhPV sequences (marked with two asterisks) used in this analysis were from GenBank while the ALPV sequences used (marked with a single asterisk) were from this study

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