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Fig. 4

From: Real-time reverse transcription PCR-based sequencing-independent pathotyping of Eurasian avian influenza A viruses of subtype H7

Fig. 4

Sequencing-indpendent pathotyping of isolates and clinical samples of avian influenza subtype H7 viruses by real-time RT-PCRs (RT-qPCR). Sample numbers refer to the identification of viruses in Table 4. Cq values generated for each sample by the influenza A virus-generic M1.2 RT-qPCR are depicted as blue dots. Identification of Cq values obtained for each sample by H7 specific RT-qPCRs is as follows: black diamonds – LPAI H7; green triangles – HPAI H7. ‘Emsland’; red squares – HPAI H7 ‘Italy’

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