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Fig. 4

From: Co-infection of a hypovirulent isolate of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum with a new botybirnavirus and a strain of a mitovirus

Fig. 4

SsBRV2 confers hypovirulence to S. sclerotiorum. Colony morphology (a) and growth rate (c) of the virus-free strain Ep-1PNA367R, virus (SsBRV2 and SsMV4)-infected strain AH16, and SsBRV2 transfectant Ep-1PNA367RVT were recorded at 3 dpi (days post-inoculation), 7 dpi and 15 dpi at 20 °C. b Virulence assay of the three strains on the detached soybean leaves, and c Lesion diameter calculated at 24 hpi (hours post-inoculation) at 20 °C, 100 % humidity. d dsRNA contents and RT-PCR detection of SsBRV2 and SsMV4 in strains Ep-1PNA367R, AH16 and Ep-1PNA367RVT. The actin gene of S. sclerotiorum was used as an internal control

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