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Figure 3

From: Herpes simplex virus type-1(HSV-1) oncolytic and highly fusogenic mutants carrying the NV1020 genomic deletion effectively inhibit primary and metastatic tumors in mice

Figure 3

Comparative kinetics of viral replication of wild-type HSV-1(F) and mutant viruses OncSyn and OncdSyn grown on Vero and 4T1 cells. Near confluent monolayers of Vero (a) and 4T1 (b) cells were infected at an MOI of 2 with each virus, incubated at 37°C and the numbers of infectious virions were determined at different times post infection. Viral titers (mean pfu at each time point) are shown in logarithmic scale. The error bars represent means ± 2 standard errors.

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