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Figure 7

From: Temperature sensitive influenza A virus genome replication results from low thermal stability of polymerase-cRNA complexes

Figure 7

Effect of temperature on the dissociation of viral polymerase-RNA complexes. Nuclear extracts containing the bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase (T7) or the influenza virus polymerase (3P) were bound at room temperature for 10 min to (a) radiolabelled vRNA or (b) cRNA molecules and incubated at 31, 37 or 41 °C for the indicated periods of time in the presence of heparin before analysis by non-denaturing PAGE and autoradiography. (c) The amounts of polymerase-template complexes were quantified by densitometry and expressed as the fraction of complex remaining compared to T0. The average and range of two independent experiments is plotted.

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