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Table 2 Summary of putative receptors for flavivirus

From: The key amino acids of E protein involved in early flavivirus infection: viral entry

Molecule Cells Viruses References
DC-SIGN THP-1 DENV1-4 [123]
Heparin sulfate BHK21, DEF TMUV [38]
Heparan sulfate Vero, CHO DENV2 [37]
Hsp70 Huh-7, HepG2 DENV2 [124, 125]
Hsp70 Huh7.5 ZIKV [126]
Hsp70 Neuro2a JEV [127]
GRP78 Neuro2a, Huh7 JEV [128]
GRP78 HepG2 DENV2 [129]
Hsp90β Vero JEV [130]
Hsp90 HepG2 DENV2 [125]
HspA9 DF-1 TMUV [82]
NKp44 NK WNV [131]
Integrin αvβ5 GSC ZIKV [132]
TIM-1, TIM-4 CHO DENV2 [133]
TIM-1 HEK293T, A549 JEV [134]
Axl Human Glial Cells ZIKV [9]
CD300a HEK293T, HeLa DENV1-4, YFV [135]
α2,3-linked sialic Huh7 ZIKV [136]
Mannose receptor NIH3T3, Monocytes, Macrophages DENV1-4 [137]
Prohibitin 1/2 SH-SY5Y, CHME-3 DENV3 [138]
37/67-kDa high-affinity laminin receptor HepG2 DENV1 [139]
PLVAP and GKN3 Neuro2a JEV [140]
  1. The table summarized the identified flavivirus putative receptors