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Table 1 Typical features of PCV2 genotypes

From: Discriminating the eight genotypes of the porcine circovirus type 2 with TaqMan-based real-time PCR

Genotype Full genome ORF2 Occurrence
PCV2a 1768 bp 702 bp/233 aa worldwide
PCV2b 1767 bp 702 bp/233 aa worldwide
PCV2c 1767 bp 705 bp/234 aa Brazil, China?, Denmarka
PCV2d 1767 bp 705 bp/234 aa worldwide
PCV2e 1777 bp 717 bp/238 aa China, Japan, Mexico, USA
PCV2f 1767 bp 705 bp/234 aa Asia (China, India, Indonesia), Brazil, Croatia
PCV2g 1767 bp or 1768 bp 702 bp/233 aa or 705 bp/234 aa Asia, Europe (Germany, Romania, Ukraine)
PCV2h 1767 bp 705 bp/234aa Asia (China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Viet Nam)
  1. aHistorical samples