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Table 4 Consistency between the results of the Well oral anti-HCV assay and the OraQuick anti-HCV assay

From: Evaluation of a new point-of-care oral anti-HCV test for screening of hepatitis C virus infection

Well oral anti-HCV assayOraQuick anti-HCV assay (n = 200)
Center 1 (n = 65)Center 2 (n = 66)Center 3 (n = 69)Centers 1–3 (n = 200)Total
Positive, n24027122173275
Negative, n1400380461124125
Consistency c(%) (95% CI)98.46(91.00,100.00)98.48(91.12,100.00)98.55(91.48,100.00)98.50(95.48,99.69)
Kappa valuec0.9670.9699.670.968
  1. Note: cConsistency and Kappa value were calculated according to the results of the OraQuick assay. n Number, 95%CI 95% confidence interval