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Table 2 Performance of the Well assay according to the reference results of the Abbott assay

From: Evaluation of a new point-of-care oral anti-HCV test for screening of hepatitis C virus infection

Well oral anti-HCV assaySerum anti-HCV (Abbott assay) (n = 1179)
Center 1 (n = 351)Center 2 (n = 345)Center 3 (n = 483)Centers 1–3Total
Positive, n1094918241244114455
Negative, n3235122342421639685724
Sensitivitya (%) (95% CI)97.32(91.79,99.31)88.35(80.16,93.57)90.94(86.66,93.99)91.88(88.97,94.09)
Specificitya (%) (95% CI)98.33(95.48,99.46)96.69(93.35,98.45)99.08(96.37,99.84)98.00(96.58,98.86)
PPVa (%) (95% CI)96.46(90.65,98.86)91.92(84.24,96.19)99.18(96.74,99.86)96.92(94.77,98.24)
NPVa (%) (95% CI)98.74(96.06,99.67)95.12(91.42,97.34)90.00(85.31,93.36)94.61(92.64,96.09)
Accuracya (%) (95% CI)98.01(95.86,99.11)94.20(91.17,96.26)94.62(92.20,96.33)95.50(94.16,96.56)
Kappa valuea0.9540.8600.8920.906
  1. Note: aSensitivity, specificity, PPV, NPV, accuracy and Kappa value were calculated based on serum HCV antibody test results detected using the Abbott assay. n Number, PPV Positive predictive value, NPV Negative predictive value, 95%CI 95% confidence interval