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Table 1 General demographic and clinical characteristics of the study participants

From: Evaluation of a new point-of-care oral anti-HCV test for screening of hepatitis C virus infection

CharacteristicCenter 1Center 2Center 3Total
Age, median (range)49(28,57)51(44,58)50(39,57)50(37,57)
Sex, male (n, %)150(42.7%)162(47.0%)238(49.3%)550(46.6%)
Diagnosis, n
 HCV infection112106268486
 Non-HCV-related liver diseases285525108
  HBV infection28431990
  Non-HBV-related liver disease012618
 Healthy control participants211184190585
  1. Abbreviations: n Number, HCV Hepatitis C virus, HBV Hepatitis B virus