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Fig. 3

From: Isolation of Ontario aquatic bird bornavirus 1 and characterization of its replication in immortalized avian cell lines

Fig. 3

Detection of ABBV-1 N gene, by RT-qPCR, in DF-1, CCL-141, and QT-35 at early passages. RT-qPCR performed on DF-1, CCL-141, and QT-35 infected with ABBV-1 at passages 2 to 7 post-infection in two independent experiments (panels a and b). The primers and probes targeted ABBV-1 N gene. Cycle threshold (Ct) less than 35 was considered positive, with lower Ct values indicating higher target concentrations. Viral N gene levels increased in CCL-141 and QT-35 with subsequent passages, but in DF-1 remained steady at levels close to the detection threshold

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