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Table 2 S gene mutations from the current study

From: Seroprevalence and genotypic characterization of HBV among low risk voluntary blood donors in Nairobi, Kenya

HBV S gene region Mutation Accession number HBsAg Sero status
MHR (aa 99–169)    
 ‘a’ determinant region (aa 124–147) T143M MT185642 Negative
MT185646 Negative
M133T MT185649  
D144G MT185649 Positive
 Outside ‘a’ determinant region (aa 99–123 and 148–169) T114P MT185645 Negative
MT185643 Negative
MT185647 Negative
A159V MT185642 Negative
MT185646 Negative
F158L MT185643 Negative
Downstream of the MHR (aa 170–207) A194V MT185650 Negative
MT185649 Positive
MT185648 Negative
Y206E MT185642 Negative
MT185646 Negative
S207K MT185650 Negative
MT185649 Positive
  1. These mutations were identified using two online tools Geno2Pheno HBV database (HBVdb) ( and HBVseq program from HIV Stanford database ( The mutations are listed for each of the sample where they occurred