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Table 1 Summary of main properties of viruses known to infect protozoan parasites of medical relevance

From: Viruses of protozoan parasites and viral therapy: Is the time now right?

Pathogen Pathogen species Virus (family/genus) Genome Genome size Virion (shape/diameter) Main ORFs References
Leishmania L. guyanensis
L. brasiliensis
L. shawi
LRV1 (Totiviridae/Leishmaniavirus) Monopartite, linear dsRNA 5.3 Kb Icosahedral/~ 40 nm CP and CP/RdRp [80, 81, 164]
L. major
L. aethiopica
L. infantum
L. tropica
LRV2 (Totiviridae/Leishmaniavirus) Monopartite, linear dsRNA 5.2 Kb Icosahedral/~ 40 nm CP and CP/RdRp [82, 83]
L. martiniquensis LmarLBV1 (unassigned /Leishbunyaviruses) Tripartite, linear ssRNA(-) 6.1 Kb (segment L)
1.2 Kb (segment M);
0.7 Kb (segment S)
Enveloped, spherical/~ 100 nm ORF L; ORF M and ORF S [99]
Giardia G. duodenalis GLV (Totiviridae/Giardiavirus) Monopartite, linear dsRNA 6.3 Kb Icosahedral/ ~ 48 nm CP and CP/RdRp (2 partially overlapping ORFS) [63]
Trichomonas T. vaginalis TVV (1–4) (Totiviridae/Trichomonasvirus) Monopartite, linear dsRNA 4.5–5 Kb Icosahedral/~ 33 nm CP and CP/RdRp (2 partially overlapping) [42, 43]
Cryptosporidium C. parvum
C. hominis
C. felis
C. meleagridis
CSpV1 (Partitiviridae/Cryspovirus) Bi-segmented, linear dsRNA 1.8 Kb (dsRNA1)
1.4 Kb (dsRNA2)
Icosahedral ~ 31 nm RdRp (dsRNA1) and CP (dsRNA2) [101, 102]
Plasmodium P. vivax MaRNAV-1 (unassigned/narna-like virus) Bi-segmented, linear ssRNA (+) 2.9 Kb (segment I)
2.6 Kbp (segment II)
No true virion RdRp (segment I) and CP (segement II) [33]