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Table 1 Strategies of some viruses for inhibiting SG formation. Viruses have evolved the following strategies to regulate SGs and thus promote their survival

From: The role of host eIF2α in viral infection

Virus Viral protein Strategies for resisting SG formation Reference
Rotavirus   Changes the cellular localization of TIA-1 and PABP [5]
MNV   Recruits G3BP1 to the viral replication complex [84]
ZIKV   Alters the cellular localization of HuR [109]
EV71 2A Cleaves eIF4GI [110]
EV71 3C Cleaves G3BP1 [111]
PV 3C Cleaves G3BP1 [112]
FMDV L Cleaves G3BP1 and G3BP2 [113]
EMCV 3C Cleaves G3BP1 [58]
Picornavirus L or 2A Interferes with the eIF4GI-G3BP1 interaction [114]
HPIV3   Hides viral RNA [115]
HIV-1   Inhibits PKR and eIF2α phosphorylation [116, 117]