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Table 1 MCPyV NCCR variants examined in this study

From: Promoter activity of Merkel cell Polyomavirus variants in human dermal fibroblasts and a Merkel cell carcinoma cell line

GroupNCCR variantReferred to in this paperSourceReference
1R17bcons-E and cons-Lhealthy skin[20]
MKL-1MKL1-E and MKL1-LMCC[38]
2MS-1MS1-E and MS1-LMCC[1]
37673/2011/HUNHUN-E and HUN-Lmetastatic cervical lymph node[39]
4R15a15a-E and 15a-Lhealthy skin[20]
5R10b10b-E and 10b-Lhealthy skin[20]
6R16b16b-E and 16b-Lhealthy skin[20]
7Subtype IIns25-E and ins25-Lhealthy skin[34]