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Table 4 Demographic characteristics of patients in the training and validation groups

From: Prevalence and characteristics of hepatitis C virus infection in Shenyang City, Northeast China, and prediction of HCV RNA positivity according to serum anti-HCV level: retrospective review of hospital data

 Training groupValidation groupP2 value)
Age (years)55 (40.5, 65)53 (40, 63)0.847 (0.037)
Sex (male/female)396/501175/2170.869 (0.027)
HCV RNA (+/−)383/514170/2220.823 (0.05)
Anti-HCV level8.11 (2.21, 13.645)6.69 (2.02, 13.22)0.796 (0.067)
Tested for HCV RNA897/1382392/6240.367 (0.814)