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Table 2 Mutant and recombinant RNA2s analysis in radish by tissue immuno-blotting assay

From: The 2b protein and C-terminal region of the 2a protein indispensably facilitate systemic movement of cucumber mosaic virus in radish with supplementary function by either the 3a or the coat protein

Inoculum Inoculated leavesa Upper leavesb
Mock 0/8c 0/8c
Y1 D2(D2a-C/D2bstop) D3 8/8 0/8
Y1 Y2(∆Y2a-C/D2b) D3 8/8 0/8
Y1 D2(D2a-C/∆D2b-C) D3 8/8 0/8
Y1 Y2(D2a-C/D2b) D3 8/8 8/8
Y1 Y2(D2b-C) D3 8/8 0/8
  1. Data were recorded at a10 dpi; b21 dpi; cNumber of infected plants/number of inoculated plants. Some samples with very low levels of viral accumulation were included as positive