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Fig. 10

From: Codon usage patterns of LT-Ag genes in polyomaviruses from different host species

Fig. 10

Correspondence analysis results for the RSCU values of strongly preferred codons in 86 PyVs (COA-RSCU). The COA results for over-represented codons (RSCU > 1.6) for five groups are shown in scatter plots b-f for groups A, F, H, M, and P, respectively. The plot dot distribution patterns of groups A and F vs. groups H, M, and P were compared (a). Overall, the plotted dots show high similarity in terms of distribution patterns in all groups, with a scattered range (− 0.2 to + 0.3, − 0.4 to + 0.4). Specifically, two dots plotted over the range were identified as LT-Ag genes for BFDV and ADPyV, and thus they can be seen to vary in terms of codon usage patterns. They are all avian polyomaviruses belonging to group A, and host organisms are wild birds and Pygoscelis adeliae (Adélie penguin) (a)

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