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Fig. 3

From: A novel method to rescue and culture duck Astrovirus type 1 in vitro

Fig. 3

Identification of the rescued virus. (a) Western blot analysis of DAstV-1. The DEF cells infected with parental virus and rescued viruses were harvested at 48 hpt with majority anti-DAstV-1 PcAb (dilution of 1:500) and secondary antibody of HRP-conjugated goat anti-mouse antibody (dilution of 1:4000). The mock infected DEF cells were used as negative control. (b) Genetic marker of the rescued virus was identified by 1% agarose gel. The Bgl II restriction enzyme site was used to distinguish the rescued virus from the parental virus. Using the primers of DAstV-1-F and DAstV-1-R, 2443 bp fragments were identified both in parental and rescued virus. M. DNA Marker DL2000; 1, 2. Fragments amplified from parental and rescued virus; 3. Fragment amplified from rescued virus digested by Bgl II with1522 bp fragment and 921 bp fragment; 4. Fragment amplified from the RNA of rescued virus. (c) Nucleotide mutation in the rescued virus and the parental virus of D51 strain by sequence alignment

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