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Fig. 4

From: The effects of autophagy on the replication of Nelson Bay orthoreovirus

Fig. 4

The nonstructural protein μNS contributes to induction of autophagy by NBV-MB infection. BHK cells in 6-well plates were transfected with pCAGM3 or pCAGS3; after 24 h, the cells were infected with NBV-MB at a MOI of 1. After 24 h of infection, cellular RNA was extracted and subjected to real-time PCR to measure the level of LC3 mRNA (a). Cell lysates obtained after 24 h of infection were analyzed by western blotting with specific antibodies against LC3-I/II and β-actin (b). Viral titer in supernatant was measured in a plaque assay (c). Similar results were obtained in three independent experiments

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