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Fig. 2

From: Serum hepatitis B virus RNA levels as a predictor of HBeAg seroconversion during treatment with peginterferon alfa-2a

Fig. 2

Receiver operating characteristic curves predicting HBeAg seroconversion through posttreatment follow-up. Receiver operating characteristic curves for HBV RNA (red line), HBV DNA (blue line) and HBsAg (green line) as they predict HBeAg seroconversion, using data derived from their respective serum values at baseline, week 12, 24. a. Baseline data predict HBeAg seroconversion: Area under curve (AUC): HBV RNA 0.810; HBV DNA 0.630; HBsAg: 0.816; b. Week 12 data predict HBeAg seroconversion: AUC: HBV RNA 0.854; HBV DNA 0.678; HBsAg: 0.825; c. Week 24 data predict HBeAg seroconversion: HBV RNA 0.817; HBV DNA 0.779; HBsAg: 0.824

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