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Table 2 Numbers of elephants sampled in intensive and extensive management systems within six geographical regions in Thailand

From: Evidence of high EEHV antibody seroprevalence and spatial variation among captive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in Thailand

Region Management System
  Extensivea Intensiveb
Central 0 76
East 0 207
North 435 0
Northeast 2 60
South 0 82
West 68 64
  1. aElephants are managed using more traditional methods, including daily species-specific activities, and releasing elephants into the forest (by long chains or hobbles) at night to forage and interact with tame and/or wild conspecifics (U Mar, 2006)
  2. bElephants are managed individually or in small groups, are fed entirely by humans through prepared fodder, and are tethered at night (U Mar, 2006)