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Fig. 5

From: The glycoprotein, non-virion protein, and polymerase of viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus are not determinants of host-specific virulence in rainbow trout

Fig. 5

Infectious virus titers in rainbow trout 7 days after challenge with low virulence rVHSVmi series viruses in experiments 1 and 2. Juvenile rainbow trout in low virulence rVHSVmi series groups in experiments 1 and 2 were sampled at 7 days post-challenge and tested for infection status by plaque assay. Nine fish were sampled for each experimental group, except the mock group in experiment 1 and the rVHSVmi-Gdk group in experiment 2, each of which had 6 fish. Titers of infectious virus are presented for individual fish in each group with a horizontal bar indicating the mean of virus-positive fish. Red dotted lines indicate the amount of virus in the inocula injected into each fish, so that virus titers above this line indicate ability of the virus to replicate in vivo. The detection limit for the plaque assay is 100 PFU, as indicated by the gray dotted line

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