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Fig. 3

From: The glycoprotein, non-virion protein, and polymerase of viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus are not determinants of host-specific virulence in rainbow trout

Fig. 3

Replication kinetics of parental rVHSVmi, rVHSVdk, and chimeric VHSVs in vitro. Monolayers of EPC cells were infected at an MOI of 0.01 with the chimeric viruses harboring substitutions of specific VHSV gene(s) in the parental rVHSVmi (panel A) or rVHSVdk (panel B) viruses derived from respective pVHSVmi or pVHSVdk plasmids. The viruses were harvested at the indicated time points, and virus titers were determined by plaque assay

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