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Fig. 2

From: Comparative proteomic analysis provides new insight into differential transmission of two begomoviruses by a whitefly

Fig. 2

Protein expression patterns of MED whiteflies in response to viral infections. Protein expression patterns in whiteflies of TYLCV-infected vs. un-infected (a, b), PaLCuCNV-infected vs. un-infected (c, d), and TYLCV-infected vs. PaLCuCNV-infected (e, f). The Volcano figures of DEPs (a, c and e) depict volcano plot of log2 fold-change (x-axis) versus -log10 Q value (y-axis, representing the probability that the protein is differentially expressed) in each of the three combination for comparison. P < 0.05 and fold change > 1.2 were set as the significant threshold for differential expression. In each of the three diagrams of (a, c, and e), the red dots indicate significantly up-regulations, and the green dots indicate significant down-regulations, while the black dots indicate no significant changes in regulations

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