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Fig. 1

From: Characterization of a hepatitis C virus genotype 1 divergent isolate from an HIV-1 coinfected individual in Germany assigned to a new subtype 1o

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic relationships of DE/17–0414. The strain designations are indicated with geno/subtype and accession number at each branch. Clades corresponding to each genotype were supported by 100% of bootstrap replicates. Bootstrap values (> 75%) are indicated at specific nodes. Scale bars indicate the number of nt substitutions per site. HCV-1 subtypes and the new distinct sub-cluster are indicated on the right. DE/17–0414 of this study is highlighted in bold and red. (a) Phylogenetic analysis of representative HCV-1 strains based on 328 nt of partial NS5B sequences corresponding to nt positions 8283 to 8610 of H77 reference strain. (b) Phylogenetic analysis of HCV-1 complete coding region sequences

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