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Table 3 Untyped HPV strains detected by FAP59/64 primers

From: Alpha, Beta, gamma human PapillomaViruses (HPV) detection with a different sets of primers in oropharyngeal swabs, anal and cervical samples

   Patient code Closest strain GenBank accession number Nucleotide sequence similarity(%)
HIV positive Anal swabs Q654 Isolate SE17 JF906538.1 97%
Q760 Isolate FA79 AF455142.1 99%
Q763 Isolate FAIMVS9 AF489714.1 99%
Q1539 Mixeda   
Q2164 Q1354 Isolate FA39 MM7 AF217684.1 KC869667 97% 98%
Oral Swabs Q337 Isolate SE80 JX316020.1 91%
Q656 Isolate FA97 AF542103.1 97%
Q1017 Mixeda   
Q1234 Isolate SE435 KP6922119.1 99%
Q1644 Q1766 Isolate FA12.2 Isolate FA12.2 AY502596.1 AY502596.1 99% 99%
HIV negative Q127 Isolate FA130 AY468427.1 99%
  1. aSanger sequence gave no clear results in this sample