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Fig. 6

From: Regulation of cyclin T1 during HIV replication and latency establishment in human memory CD4 T cells

Fig. 6

Upregulation of CycT1 in lymph node CD4 T cells. a-c Constitutive expression levels of CycT1 in blood or lymph node CD4 T cells of uninfected donors. CD4+CD45RO+ memory T cells were purified from peripheral blood, or lymph nodes were processed into single cells. Cells were then stained for CD3, CD4, and CycT1. Shown are (a) gating scheme dotplots and (b) overlays of CycT1 expression compared to isotype control, and (c) mean ± sem CycT1 expression in total CD4 T cells (*p < 0.05, N = 5–6). d p24/CycT1 expression in lymph node CD4 T cells infected with HIV ex vivo. Lymph nodes of two uninfected donors were processed into single cells, infected with HIV (R5 strain SF162) in IL2 medium for 2 days, washed, and cultured in IL2 medium for 6 days. Cells were then stained for CD3, CD4, CycT1, and p24. Shown are p24/CycT1 dotplots of an uninfected and two infected donors gated on CD3-CD4- or CD3+CD4+ cells

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