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Fig. 5

From: Construction and characterization of an infectious cDNA clone of potato virus S developed from selected populations that survived genetic bottlenecks

Fig. 5

Distribution of amino acid substitutions between PVS-H00 and PVS-H95 genomes. The positions of nucleotide and amino acid substitutions are shown on the PVS genome map. Sequences of PVS-H00 and PVS-H95 genomes are shown in black and gray letters, respectively. Amino acid substitutions were evaluated according to the Structure-Genetic (SG) scoring system. Substitutions in the upper row represent drastic changes (SG = 1–3; ** SG = 1; * SG = 2), those in middle and bottom rows represent relatively similar substitutions (SG = 4), and those in the bottom row represent highly similar substitutions (SG = 5). Substitutions in the functional domains of replicase (ORF1) are indicated with a dot. MTR, methyltransferase domain; O-PRO, OTU-like protease region; P-PRO, papain-like cysteine protease region; HEL, helicase domain; POL, RNA-dependent RNA polymease domain

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