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Fig. 3

From: Comparative genomic analyses of a virulent pseudorabies virus and a series of its in vitro passaged strains

Fig. 3

Analysis of the frameshifts mutations occurred in the UL46 and UL16 genes during serial passage. a Sequencing data of the 3’ RACE of UL16 (top) and UL46 (bottom) of each strain. The positions of the frameshift mutations are marked with black rectangles. b Transcription termination analysis of UL16 (top) and UL46 (bottom) in each strain. The results of the 3’ RACE PCR amplification and sequencing data with the transcription termination site and the poly(A) sequences underlined are shown. c The length of the ORFs of each strain were predicted with ORF Finder and the corresponding protein molecular weights were then calculated using the EditSeq module implemented in DNASTAR. d Western blot analysis of protein levels inter-strain variation of UL46 and UL16. Cell lysates were hybridized with anti-gE antibodies to confirm deletion of gE in the passaged strains. The capsid protein VP5 is shown for comparison and as a loading control. Actin was also detected as a loading control. The ratios of UL46 or UL16 versus VP5 in each sample were calculated using the ImageJ Gel Analyzer module

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