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Fig. 1

From: The so far farthest reaches of the double jelly roll capsid protein fold

Fig. 1

From the simplest to the most complex double jelly roll virus structures solved so far. The structures of the major capsid protein monomer (top row) and trimer (middle row) are shown, together the complete capsid (bottom row) of bacteriophage PM2, human adenovirus, and Faustovirus. These viruses represent the simplest and most complex examples for which both the high resolution structure of the major coat protein and at least the general capsid organization have been solved. While the PM2 major coat protein is formed by the double jelly roll motif with no more elaborations, the adenovirus and Faustovirus proteins have extensive tower domains which establish intricate interlacing in the trimer. Database identifiers and triangulation numbers are shown by each structure. The colour bar indicates capsid radii, in nm

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