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Fig. 1

From: Identification of Telosma mosaic virus infection in Passiflora edulis and its impact on phytochemical contents

Fig. 1

Confirmation of P. edulis leaves and fruits infected with TeMV by RT-PCR and electron microscopy. a and b, Symptoms of P. edulis infected with TeMV. The infected plants showing severe mosaic and distortion leaves (a) and mosaic skin and granule preiectionon green fruit (b). c, Agarose gel electrophoresis of RT-PCR products of partial TeMV CP gene. M, DNA mareker D2000; 1–10, RT-PCR products of TeMV CP gene from infected leaves and fruits, respectively. d, Electron microscopy of P. edulis fruits infected with TeMV showing virus particle morphology through the negative staining. Bars, 250 nm

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