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Table 1 Sequence homology of the whole genome of the ZJ-1664 H6N1 avian influenza virus compared to influenza virus nucleotide sequences available in the GenBank database

From: Isolation and characterization of novel reassortant H6N1 avian influenza viruses from chickens in Eastern China

Segment Position Virus with the highest percentage of nucleotide identity Genbank accession number Homology (%) Lineage
PB2 1–2280 A/duck/Mongolia/520/2015(H1N1) LC121393 99 group III
PB1 1–2274 A/duck/Mongolia/66/2015(H10N2) LC108118 98 group III
PA 1–2151 A/duck/Mongolia/66/2015(H10N2) LC108119 99 group III
HA 1–1701 A/duck/Hubei/ZYSYG15/2015(H6N2) KY415608 98 group III
NP 1–1497 A/wild bird/Korea/SK14/2014(H1N1) KX066872 99 group III
NA 1–1410 A/wild bird/Wuhan/WHHN16/2014(H1N1) KU143337 99 Eurasian
M 1–959 A/duck/Mongolia/543/2015(H4N6) LC121415 99 Europe
NS 1–838 A/duck/Mongolia/543/2015(H4N6) LC121416 99 Allele II