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Table 6 Potential binding sites for the cellular transcription factors that could be implicated in LTR activity. The analyzed mutation position relate to genotype and/or subtype specific SNPs for G4, G7 and G8 genotypes

From: Bovine leukemia virus long terminal repeat variability: identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms in regulatory sequences

Mutation position Change Previously described regulatory elements TFBS by multiTF TFBS change Genotype/subtype
     Creation Abrogation  
−203 A → G None TFIID, GATA-1, Pit-1a AP-1 TFIID, GATA-1 G7-I, II
−202 G → A None TFIID, GATA-1, Pit-1a AP-1 TFIID, GATA-1 G7-I, II
−170 G → A None Sp1 PR G8-I, II
−133 G → C TREx2 XBP-3, GATA-1 CREM-tau2, AP-1 XBP-3, GATA-1 G7-II
−41 T → A TATA Box GATA-1, TMF, Pit-1a, TFIID, Sp1, PR NF-E2, RAR-gamma2 GATA-1, TMF G7-I
−36 T → C None TBP, AFP1, Pit-1a, GATA-1, TFIID AP-1, ACF TBP, AFP1 G4-I
+ 11 T → C None Sp1, PR AP-1 G4-I, II, III, IV
+ 150 A → G None GATA-1 G7-I, II
+ 161 T → C DAS PR G7-II
+ 162 C → T DAS PR Tf-LF1 G4-IV
  1. TFIID Transcription factor II D, GATA-1 Erythroid transcription factor, Pit-1a Growth hormone factor 1, AP-1 Activator protein 1, Sp1 Specificity protein 1, PR Progesterone, XBP-3 X-box binding protein 1, CREM-tau2 Transcription factor cAMP-response element modulator protein, CIIIB1 Nuclear factor, TMF TATA element modulatory factor, NFE2 TF interacting with CREB-binding protein, RAR-gamma2 Retinoic acid receptor gamma, control peptide, TBP TATA-binding protein, AFP1 Hepatoma nuclear factor that binds to the alpha-fetoprotein enhancer and promoter, ACF ATP-dependent chromatin-assembly factor, Tf-LF1 Liver-specific transcription factor