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Table 5 Unique LTR nucleotide differences which permit genotype/subtype classification

From: Bovine leukemia virus long terminal repeat variability: identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms in regulatory sequences

  1. ′Genotype/subtype′ column include pattern of the nucleotide sequence for each genotype and subtype, G1-G10 as well as G4-I, G4-II, G4-III, G4-IV, G7-I, G7-II, G8-I and G8-II, respectively. Nucleotides are represented by single letters and numbered from the beginning of 5′ to 3′ end of LTR. Blue squares represent unique SNPs for G4, G7 and G8 genotypes and/or subtypes. Underlined nucleotides represent specific SNPs for genotypes G2-G10