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Table 1 Summary of substitutions associated with resistance to nucleoside and non-nucleoside NS5B inhibitors [26,27,28]

From: Natural polymorphisms in the resistance associated sites of HCV-G1 NS5B domain and correlation with geographic origin of HCV isolates

Position RAS Genotype Drug
159 F 1a SOF
237 G 1a SOF
282 R/ T 1a SOF
316 F 1a SOF
320 F 1a SOF
321 A 1a SOF
159 F 1b SOF
282 G/T 1b SOF
316 F/H/N 1b SOF
321 I 1b SOF
314 H 1a DSV
316 Y 1a DSV
414 T/V 1a DSV
448 C/H 1a DSV
553 I /V 1a DSV
554 S 1a DSV
556 G/N/R 1a DSV
558 R 1a DSV
559 G 1a DSV
316 Y/ H /N 1b DSV
368 T 1b DSV
414 I 1b DSV
445 F 1b DSV
448 C 1b DSV
553 V 1b DSV
556 G 1b DSV
559 G/N 1b DSV
421 V 1a BCV
495 L/S 1a BCV
499 A/any 1b DLV
  1. BCV beclabuvir, DSV dasabuvir, SOF sofosbuvir, DLV deleobuvir
  2. Amino acid substitutions detected in vivo in DAA failing patients are underlined, independently of in vitro data availability. Additionally, RAS detected only in vitro are indicated in bold