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Fig. 2

From: Detection and genetic characterization of feline bocavirus in Northeast China

Fig. 2

Phylogenetic tree based on partial NS1 gene of feline bocavirus. The phylogenetic relationship of the nucleotide sequences (705 nt) was determined using the neighbor-joining method with 1000 bootstrap replicates using MEGA 7.0 software, and only bootstrap values > 70% are displayed above the tree branches. The black triangles indicate strains belonging to FBoV-1 identified in this study, and the black squares indicate strains belonging to FBoV-2 identified in the present study. Group 1 and group2 of FBoV-1 are indicated by blue and red lines, respectively. FBoV, feline bocavirus; BE, Belgium; CHN, China; HK, Hong Kong; POR, Portugal; JP, Japan; USA, United States of America

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