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Fig. 4

From: Description and characterization of a novel live-attenuated tri-segmented Machupo virus in Guinea pigs

Fig. 4

Survival rate and weight changes of guinea pigs throughout the experiment. Three groups of Hartley guinea pigs (n = 4/group) were immunized intraperitoneally in the right flank with 3 × 104 TCID50 of Candid #1, 4 × 103 TCID50 of r3MACV or PBS (control). Simultaneously, in the left flank, a lethal challenge (104 TCID50 of JUNV strain Espindola) was injected intraperitoneally. a Their survival rate and b-d weight were observed for 28 days thereafter. The † indicated animals that either succumbed to the infection or were humanly euthanized before the end of the experiment

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