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Table 3 The putative MHC binding peptides of HPV-58 E6 and E7 proteins

From: The polymorphisms of LCR, E6, and E7 of HPV-58 isolates in Yunnan, Southwest China

Protein Position of amino acid Peptide sequence MHC binding
E6 64–72 KVCLRLLSK Class-I
91–99 TLKKCLNEI Class-I
67–75 LRLLSKISE Class-II
E7 16–24 HPEPTDLFC Class-I
35–43 DEIGLDGPD Class-I
59–67 CYTCGTTVR Class-I
74–82 TTDVRTLQQ Class-I
15–22 LHPEPTDL Class-II
37–45 IGLDGPDGQ Class-II
77–85 VRTLQQLLM Class-II