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Table 1 HPV-58 variants based on the LCR/E6/E7 sequences

From: The polymorphisms of LCR, E6, and E7 of HPV-58 isolates in Yunnan, Southwest China

   HPV-58 variable sites  
GenBank Acession Variant ID LCR E6 E7 Lineage
7172 7194 7265 7266 7304 7440 7525 7540 7556 7714 7749 7755 7784 7793 7807 24 52 54 307 321 388 632 694 744 760 761 803  
D90400.1   T G C C A T A A C A C A T A T T C G C C A C G T G G T A1
MF741321 1 G A A1
MF741322 2 A1
MF741323 3 G C G C A1
MF741324 4 G G C A1
MF741325 5 G T G T A G A A2
MF741326 6 G T G T C G C A1
MF741327 7 C A1
MF741328 8 C G T G G T A G A A2
MF741329 9 C G C T C G C T T T G A A3
MF741330 10 C G C G T T T G A A3
MF741331 11 G G C G C A1
AA changes                     C66C S71F K93 N T20I G41R T57 T G63S G63D V77A  
Secondary structure                     H      S    H  
  1. The nucleotides matching the reference sequence (GenBank: D90400.1) are marked with a dash (−). The H and S in the row of secondary structure designate “helix” and “sheet”, respectively