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Fig. 8

From: Vast diversity of prokaryotic virus genomes encoding double jelly-roll major capsid proteins uncovered by genomic and metagenomic sequence analysis

Fig. 8

Phylogenetic tree for the Bam35-Toil group MCP. Genbank protein IDs are shown after ‘@’ (whenever available), followed by GenBank nucleotide ID and contig length (nt). Sequences of the new contigs from Loki’s Castle sediments are denoted ‘Loki_contig_xxx’. The numbers at the internal branches indicate local likelihood-based support (percentage points). The root was enforced between the “Toil” subgroup and the rest of the group members. Contigs selected for genome analysis are colored green or red (Additional File 7); contigs selected for the schemes in Fig. 9 are marked with red. Previously characterized phages are marked with bold font

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