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Fig. 2

From: A gel-based PCR method to differentiate sheeppox virus field isolates from vaccine strains

Fig. 2

Gel picture of PCR products for selected capripoxvirus samples. The SPPV vaccines appear to be shorter than SPPV field isolates, GTPV and LSDV due to the 84 bp sequence difference. The PCR products of 218 bp, 302 bp and 338 bp represent SPPV vaccine strains, SPPV field isolates/GTPVs, and LSDVs respectively. MM: 50 bp DNA ladder; a: positive control plasmid of the SPPV field isolates; b: positive control plasmid of the SPPV vaccine strain; c: Negative control; Lanes 4–7: SPPV vaccine strains (sample 1 to 4 of Table 1); Lanes 8–15: SPPV field isolates (sample 5 to 12 of Table 1); Lanes 16–21: GTPVs (sample 13 to 18 of Table 1), Lanes 22–25: LSDVs (sample 19 to 22 of Table 1)

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