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Fig. 5

From: Rescue and characterization of recombinant cedar virus, a non-pathogenic Henipavirus species

Fig. 5

Ephrin B2 is recognized as an entry receptor by rCedPV. HeLa-USU, HeLa-USU-EFNB2, and HeLa-USU-EFNB3 cells at a density of 1 × 106 cells/well in a 6-well cell culture plates were infected with medium with no virus (uninfected) or with medium containing rCedPV-GFP (a) or rCedPV-wt (b) at an MOI of 0.1. a rCedPV-GFP infected cell cultures were monitored for fluorescence and syncytia by microscopy at 24 and 72 hpi; HeLa-USU-EFNB3 cells 72 hpi are shown. b rCedPV-wt infected cells were monitored for syncytia at 24 and 72 hpi; the latter is shown. Cells were fixed with methanol and stained with 0.5% crystal violet-25% methanol. Images were captured with a Zeiss Axio Observer A1 inverted microscope using a 5X objective. Scale bar at 50 μm and insets show zoom magnified areas of the cell monolayer

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