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Table 1 The positive rate of REV viremia following infection of 1-day-old chicks

From: Protection induced by a gp90 protein-based vaccine derived from a Reticuloendotheliosis virus strain isolated from a contaminated IBD vaccine

Group 1wpi 2wpi 3wpi 4piw 5wpi 6wpi 7wpi 8wpi
gp90 + CpG 5/10A 5/10 A 4/10 A 4/10 A 3/10 A 1/10 A 1/10 A 1/10 A
Control 8/10B 8/10 B 6/10 B 6/10 B 6/10 B 5/9 B 5/9 B 5/9 B
  1. w.p.i.indicates weeks post infection
  2. The positive rate followed by different superscript letter was significantly different (P < 0.05) based on Duncan’s multiple range test