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Table 4 Codon variants which allow PCV3 subtyping (in brackets the proportion of sequences with fitting marker position)

From: Full genome characterization of porcine circovirus type 3 isolates reveals the existence of two distinct groups of virus strains

Codon PCV3 group a1 PCV3 group b1 PCV3 group b2
ORF1–122 GCG, alanine (16/16) TCG, serine (20/21) TCG, serine (13/13)
ORF2–24 GTC, valine (15/16) GCC, alanine (20/21) GCC, alanine (13/13)
ORF2–27 AAA, lysine (16/16) AGA/CGA, arginine (21/21) AGA/CGA, arginine (13/13)
ORF2–77 AGC, serine (15/16) AGC, serine (21/21) ACC, threonine (13/13)
ORF2–150 ATT, isoleucine (16/16) ATT, isoleucine (20/21) CTT/CTA, leucine (12/13)
ORF3231–1 TTT, phenylalanine (16/16) TCT/TCG, serine (21/21) TCT/TCG, serine (13/13)
ORF3231–4 GAC, aspartic acid (15/16) GGC, glycine (20/21) GGC, glycine (13/13)
ORF3231–227 GGC, glycine (16/16) GTC, valine (19/21) GTC, valine (13/13)